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CSTV Draws From Old Playbook

There's a saying in sports that you always go with what got you there—whether it's a pitch, a play or a move. The same goes for television.

When College Sports Television CFO Scott Marshall began investigating traffic and billing systems, he looked to his experience at Classic Sports Network. While there, he worked with a new software system from CAM Systems called Broadway. So it only made sense that, in his new venture, he took a page from the Classic Sports playbook.

"The biggest benefit is that the system is fully integrated," says Marshall. "Most systems do individual things well, but this product aggregates it all together in a seamless way. It was very productive for us at Classic Sports, and it's the right product for us here at CSTV."

Marshall hopes to go live with the system within a week. With its vast amount of live programming, CSTV will tap different aspects of the Broadway system from those Classic Sports used in airing all taped programming.

When evaluating the different systems, one of the problems he encountered was finding one suitable for an emerging network. "Many of the systems don't cater to the emerging network. They cater to the larger, more broadly distributed network. But, when you're just getting going, you need something that is useful, solves needs and is cost-effective."