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CSI Target of 'Noncomplaint' Campaign -- a Web site launched one month ago to fight back against the Federal Communications Commission's indecency crackdown -- has set up an online form on its opening page for surfers to submit a letter of "noncomplaint" to the commission to counter the Parents Television Council's complaint against CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

PTC took issue with a Feb. 17 episode of the crime scene investigation drama in which an obese man with an infantilism fetish flings himself to his death wearing only a diaper.

The group has a form letter ready to e-mail to the FCC saying that the sender did not find the show offensive and that it was a work of fiction with artistic merit, "not pornography.

"Our members feel that, while not every program is appropriate for every age group, neither is it appropriate for a small-but-active segment of the population to control the airwaves," site founder Amanda Toering told B&C. "Because their mobilization has led to fear and self-censorship at the broadcast networks, the PTC has become the nation's de facto censorship board."

The site is not just hammering on the commission, however.

It also features a form letter praising the commission for denying a variety of complaints in the past few weeks, though it had not yet noted the complaints against Will & Grace, Private Ryan and Arrested Development denied Monday.