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CSG, Mediacom Extend Deal

CSG Systems said it has extended its strategic partnership with Mediacom Communications that will enable the vendor to continue supplying billing and customer service support to the MSO and its 1.3 million customers.

Financial terms were not disclosed, but the new multiyear contract will broaden CSG’s role, expanding it beyond voice, video and data and into home automation and other lines of businesses.

Specific services and products covered by the deal include CSG’s Customer Communication Center (CCC) and Financial Forecaster. The CCC will provide Mediacom with real-time “interactions” and data from multiple systems, including social channels. CSG Financial Forecaster, meanwhile, provides an automated schedule of financial reports.

 CSG and Mediacom have been working together for more than 15 years.

“CSG has been a great partner, and this new contract will help us bring advanced customer service solutions to the market quickly and build on our promise of simple and consistent customer care,” said Tapan Dandnaik, Mediacom’s senior vice president of customer service and financial operations, in a statement.

CSG and Comcast recently announced a deal that will expand the vendor's relationship with the MSO and include the handling of billing for an additional 2.3 million subscribers starting in early 2015.