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Crossing Over to debut season in syndication

In a switch from last season, Universal Television's psychic hit, Crossing
Over with John Edward
, will debut its new episodes in syndication this fall.
After that, Sci Fi Channel will replay them in late-night. The exact window
between airings is still being determined.

The look and feel of Crossing Over is being adjusted for its daytime
syndication play. Edwards will conduct more celebrity readings (readings with
Coolio and Jenny McCarthy are already in the bag) and follow-ups on stories, all
from a living room-style set. Edwards will also pay visits to local markets.

Universal Domestic Television, which distributes the show, had planned to
make these changes if the show made a successful syndicated run last season,
which it did.

Sci Fi will still air Crossing Over Sunday through Thursday nights at
11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.