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Creator Profile: Jimmy Kimmel Is Late Night’s YouTube King

Jimmy Kimmel on his ABC late-night talker "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

Jimmy Kimmel on his ABC late-night talker "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

Multichannel News has teamed up with social video analytics company Tubular Labs for a recurring look at how various content creators are deploying video to reach audiences online. In this edition, we look at Jimmy Kimmel’s steady social video growth and his rise to the top of the late night viral video space.

Creator Profile & Essential Stats

Name: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Genre: Entertainment

Followers: 3.9 million followers on Facebook and 11.8 million subscribers on YouTube

Some pundits fretted that Jimmy Kimmel’s passionate monologues on health care reform might cost him fans (such as those who disagree with him, or simply object to a talk show host taking strong political positions), but his social video stats show just the opposite. Kimmel has seen steady growth in his engagement over the last three months, with his YouTube following rising by a few hundred thousand each month. In April, Kimmel was No. 5 among U.S. overall creators in the entertainment space and No. 18 in the global media and entertainment chart, based on YouTube views.

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While his comedy can be specific to U.S. issues, Kimmel does boast a wide international following—in fact, only 42% of his YouTube views come from the U.S. The UK and Canada account for 5.8% and 5.1% of his viewership, respectively, but he’s also popular in India and Brazil.

Now, a closer look at Kimmel’s performance on YouTube in the last 30 days:

His most-viewed video on the platform is part of his popular “Mean Tweets” series in which celebrities read cruel tweets that people have sent about them. This one was the “Avengers Edition,” and since it was posted on May 1 it’s racked up 17.4 million views.

The Kimmel video at No. 2 is “Donald Glover on This is America Music Video” with 7.1 million views; in it, Glover discussed his latest (massively viral) Childish Gambino video.

The third most popular Kimmel video on YouTube is an interview with 15-year-old Deadpool 2 actor Julian Dennison, who said he can’t see his own movie because it’s rated R-16 in his home country of New Zealand.