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Cram -med with plugs

Game Show Network is featuring goodies from Sara Lee Bakery and RadioShack Corp. on
original game, Cram.

A new, 10-episode deal with RadioShack will have contestants -- who stay up
all night cramming for the next day's trivia competition -- using wireless
headphones, high-tech binoculars and recording picture frames.

Cram host Graham Elwood will also play with "ZapZip" minicars before and
after commercial breaks.

Sara Lee's microwavable sandwiches will be given out as rewards to hungry
contestants who answer questions correctly (the microwave will double as a

RadioShack is a first-time GSN advertiser, and this is Sara Lee's
first product placement play.

The key to placement, GSN ad-sales chief Michael Sakin said, is "using
product in the game play," so viewers aren't overwhelmed.