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CPB Programmer Exits

Michael Pack, senior VP, television programming, for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, has left CPB to return to independent production.

Pack was brought in three years ago to restructure the department to develop more programming, which he proceeded to do, including the America at the Crossroads project featuring 21 documentaries on "the challenges and oportunites America and the world face in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001." CPB will spend up to $20 million on the project.

Titles include The Transatlantic Paradox (Anti-Americanism Abroad); Holy War; Inside the American Empire with Robert Kaplan; Inside the Muslim Brotherhood; Islam vs. Islamists; and The Case for War.

John Prizer, CPB VP of program development, will serve as the acting head of the programming department, according to CPB President Patricia Harrison.