CPB funds online application

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) has awarded $1.8 million to
Public Interactive, an Internet application developed by public broadcasters to
help them present their content online.

Public Interactive is a partnership between Public Radio International and 15
leading public broadcasting organizations including WNYC-AM/FM, New York,
WGBH-FM/TV, Boston, WETA-FM/TV Washington, and others.

Through an array of Interactive-developed Web templates, including audio and
video streaming capabilities, stations will be able to customize their Web
services to meet the needs of their audiences.

'CPB and Interactive will provide cost effective tools that will help local
stations deliver the same quality of content through the Internet that they
currently provide on air,' said CPB President and CEO Robert T. Coonrod.

'By expanding their online services, stations strengthen their relationships
with their local communities.'