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Cox Uses Openwave to Close Off Viruses

Cox Communications Inc. will use Openwave Systems Inc.’s anti-virus solution for its “Email Mx” platform, the vendor said Thursday.

The MSO said it chose Openwave due to its inclusion of Network Associates Inc.’s “McAfee” virus-scanning engine.

Openwave offers three levels of defense. The first resides at the network edge, where protocol-level techniques are applied. The second-tier of defense, which includes McAfee, filters and prevents unwanted content from passing through server connections. And the third layer provides end-user controls to block unwanted access based on personalized rules.

“Openwave's tiered approach to fighting messaging abuse, coupled with McAfee's anti-virus solution, help to provide us with an effective and cost-effective solution," Cox manager of product development Mark Bell said in a prepared statement. “We have deployed the integrated McAfee and Email Mx solution to offer our customers a better and safer user experience.”