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Cox Upgrades VOD App In New England

Cox Communications has upgraded the video-on-demand interface for Rhode Island and Connecticut customers, with features designed to provide faster and simpler navigation.

According to the cable operator, the overall performance of the VOD service is now faster and more user-friendly. The new interface provides horizontal scrolling, to allow for quicker navigation through folders; the ability to skip forward or backward in 15-minute intervals while fast-forwarding or rewinding; movie previews available directly from a folder's main menu; and an "instant replay" function to jump back 10 seconds.

"Cox's goal is to provide customers with an attractive, fast and intuitive on-demand experience," Cox New England vice president of marketing Doreen Studley said in a statement. "The new features make navigation easy, and Cox has increased the amount of on-demand programming available to subscribers."

The Cox VOD updates are available immediately to digital-cable subscribers in the operator's New England region.