Cox Tags Another IoT Tech Partner

Add Leverege, a startup with operations in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, to a growing list of tech partners that are helping to underpin Cox Communications’s new enterprise-focused Internet of Things (IoT) services unit.

Leverege said its software platform is a component of the recently launched Cox2M Connected Asset Services, a unit that is focused on multiple verticals, including transportation, fleet management, smart cities, real estate, retail, as well as energy and agriculture.

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Leverege's platform aims to reduce the complexity of IoT deployments via third-party integrations, 24/7 notification and monitoring tools, and data analytics.

Cox Automotive is an early adopter of Cox2M’s services, as its Manheim used vehicle marketplace has teamed on a custom app that delivers real-time tracking of vehicles across auction lots. The solution, piloted last year, connects more than 500,000 vehicles using a Low Power Wide Area IoT network.

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Founded in 2014, Leverege’s other announced partners include Google, Raytheon, Allen Hamilton, and Siren Marine, a company that operates a connected boat platform.

Cox has also announced that CoreKinect, another startup, will provide sensor-based products for Cox2M.

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“After an extensive survey of the market, we chose Leverege as our IoT platform partner and system integrator for numerous reasons including modularity and customization of the technology, advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, rapid prototyping tools that greatly accelerate the development of end-to-end IoT solutions, and the world-class team that stands behind the products,” Josh Sommer, executive director of new growth strategy for Cox, said in a statement.