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Cox Expands All-Digital Rollout

Cox Communications confirmed that it has initiated an all-digital upgrade in Topeka, Kan., the next stop in a deployment that the MSO intends to wrap up early 2017.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reported that Cox expects to reclaim its analog spectrum and deliver an all-digital video lineup by January 12.

Following an initial all-digital deployment in Connecticut last year, other Cox markets with upgrades underway include Rhode Island, Tulsa, Omaha, Orange County, Cleveland, New Orleans, NW Arkansas, San Diego, Greater Louisiana, and other sections of Kansas. Remaining Cox markets will start the process, with the aim of completing the upgrade by early 2017, a Cox spokesman said via email.

To fuel the all-digital migrations, Cox is using a “Mini Box,” a downstream-only Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) that converts digital signals to analog. Cox’s is using a new class of DTA with an HDMI port that supports HD. HD-DTAs will also come with a remote control, an on-screen guide, and parental controls. Evolution Digital and Cisco Systems are among Cox’s known HD-DTA suppliers.

In its all-digital markets, Cox is offering eligible subs one free Mini Box for up to 12 months, and leasing out additional units for $1.99 per month. Cox is also providing a free CableCARD for 12 months instead of a Mini Box for subs with TiVo boxes and other CableCARD-compatible devices.

Cox has set up a Web site (opens in new tab), including the video below, that provides consumers with more details about the transition.