Cox Picks Syniverse For Mobile Messaging

Cox Communications will use Syniverse Technologies' suite of mobile messaging, roaming and network solutions to allow Cox's CDMA wireless subscribers to send text and multimedia messages to users on other networks.

In March, the cable operator plans to launch service using the 3G CDMA standard in three markets: Hampton Roads, Va., Orange County, Calif., and Omaha, Neb. Cox hasn't announced pricing or other details for the 3G services, but is promoting the upcoming launches through an ad campaign with the tagline "Unbelievably Fair."

Cox will deploy a pair of Syniverse NextSM messaging solutions, SMS Interworking Gateway (SMS-IG) and MMS Interworking Gateway (MMS-IG). For roaming, the MSO will use Syniverse's system for end-to-end clearing process.

"The Syniverse solutions provide the necessary tools to deliver a high-quality mobile experience for Cox customers," Cox vice president of wireless Stephen Bye said in a statement. "Syniverse' industry leadership has been valuable as we continue to build Cox's CDMA network."

Separately, Cox has a deal to use Interop Technologies' messaging platform, which the operator will use for its hosted SMS/MMS platform. That will manage all "internal network" SMS/MMS traffic. Once a message traverses the Cox network (which means it is not a Cox-to-Cox message) and moves onto another network, or vice versa, Syniverse provides the interoperability between Cox and the outside network.

Tampa, Fla.-based Syniverse provides mobile technology for the global telecommunications industry to more than 800 communications companies in 160 countries.