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Cox Nears Launch of Unlimited Data Plan

Cox Communications confirmed that the operator has begun to spread the word to customers about a new unlimited data options week, and that the new policy will be available in “most markets” this week.

DSL Reports said the new unlimited option will cost an additional $50 per month.

In June, Cox said it would offer that unlimited data plan later in the year as it broadened the reach of a usage-based data policy that it originally began to test in Cleveland in 2014.

Cox’s unlimited data option will be similar to one from Comcast that charges an additional $50 per month in markets where it currently implements a data plan.

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Under its usage-based data plan, Cox has been charging subscribers $10 for an extra bucket of 50 Gigabytes of data when they exceed their monthly data plan, which has been set at 1 terabyte for most of its speed packages, and 2 TB for customers on its 1 Gig “Gigablast” tier.

According to DSL reports, Cox is also set to implement another usage-based option whereby broadband customers can pay an additional $30 per month for 500 GB of data above their monthly ceiling.

A Cox official noted that the additional price options are for a "very small percentage" of broadband customers who exceed 1 TB of data usage per month.

"The new choices are great options for the small percentage of heavy users who routinely use 1TB+ per month and prefer a flat monthly rate, rather than purchasing additional data blocks,” Cox explained in a memo obtained by DSL Reports.

The memo notes that in markets where Cox has a usage policy in place, customers will still have the option to pay $10 for 50 GB of data, when they need it, adding that less than 2% of customers exceed the amount of data in their plan.