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Cox Business Broadens Managed WiFi Rollout

Cox Business said it has rolled out a managed WiFi offering to customers in Cox’s northeast markets as well as parts of the company’s southwest region.

A rollout across Cox’s national footprint will occur in the coming months, the company said.

The wider deployment comes after Cox Business started to trial a managed WiFi service for business customers in 2017.

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Cox Business Managed WiFi delivers up to 1 Gbps for both private and public WiFi networks, and provides partners with the ability to select the speeds available to guests. Cox said the offering can reach up to 36,000 square feet indoors, with backhaul options up to 1 Gbps for up to 250 guests and employees.

Customers have access to a range of options, including network passcodes, splash page login screens, as well as power management and rogue access point detection.

Packages include Guest WiFi (for business customers, guests and vendors, and up to four guest network IDs with splash page passcode control), Private WiFi (for business employees and internal use, with up to four private network IDs with encrypted and private network ID passcode access control); and Total WiFi (private and guest networks, each with separate access controls).

“A smart business is a connected business,” Steve Rowley, executive vice president at Cox Business, said in a statement. “Employees and customers expect superior connectivity while working, shopping or in some situations waiting. Cox Business Managed WiFi delivers superior network management, with the security and agile functionality that businesses demand.”