Cox Broadens Rollout of Usage-Based Data Policy

Cox Communications confirmed that it is expanding a usage-based high-speed Internet data policy to several more service areas that will charge subscribers $10 for an extra bucket of 50 GB of data when they exceed their monthly data plans.  

Cox, which has implemented that policy in its Cleveland, Florida and Georgia service areas, is now extending it to systems serving Connecticut; Omaha, Neb.; Northwest Arkansas; Kansas and Sun Valley, Idaho.

DSL Reports reported on the policy update, noting that some Cox customers were receiving notices of a new usage-based policy that would begin on Feb. 20.

The addition of markets that are now part of this policy are reflected on this updated Cox data policy web site for customers.

A spokesman for Cox said the new policy will not impact 99% of its customers. Cox has not announced when it might extend the policy to more areas.

“We have no additional locations to announce today. As decisions are made about any subsequent locations, we will announce these plans to our customers well in advance,” the Cox spokesman said in an email.

Cox recently expanded a monthly 1-Terabyte data limit to most of its high-speed Internet tiers. The exception is Cox’s 1-Gbps “Gigablast” offering, whose monthly limit remains at 2 terabytes.

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Cox, which provides a meter to help subs track their data usage, sends alerts via browsers, email or an automated outbound call when customers use 85% and 100% of their monthly data plan, and sends additional alerts if usage reaches 125% of their plan.

The FCC has been looking into data cap and zero-rating policies, has not set a timetable on when the Commission would complete its review. It’s not clear how the Commission’s analysis of that issue will proceed under new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who is succeeding Tom Wheeler.