Cox Brings YouTube to New ‘Contour’ Set-Tops

Cox Communications confirmed that it has activated the integration of YouTube on internet-connected boxes for the MSO's new “Contour” platform.

A Cox official noted that more details about the YouTube integration will be announced later this week, but said YouTube content will be searchable via the Contour guide and will work with the service’s voice remote system.

The integration, first reported by CableFAX, comes about five months after Cox completed the integration of another OTT-delivered service, Netflix. Netflix content has also been woven into the Contour guide and YouTube content is searchable using the Contour service’s voice remote.

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Because it is delivered via the internet, YouTube content streamed to Cox Contour boxes (as it is with Netflix) will count against the customer’s internet usage plan, per this FAQ about the integration.

Cox recently introduced an unlimited data option that complements a policy in which it charges customers $10 for an extra 50 gigabytes when they exceed their monthly data plan.

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Update: Cox, which has also integrated the iHeartRadio app to Contour boxes, noted that customers can also access their YouTube channel subscriptions, playlists and saved videos through Contour, and that multiple YouTube accounts can be synched. More than 60% of Cox customers say they watch YouTube videos weekly, per a statement from Cox president Pat Esser. 

Cox’s new Contour platform is powered by Comcast’s cloud-based X1 platform. Comcast has also notched X1 syndication agreements with three Canada-based service providers – Shaw Communications, Videotron and Rogers Communications.

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