Cox Brings Weatherscan to Middle America

Cox Communications Inc. said Tuesday that it will launch The Weather Channel’s 24-hour, all-local weather-information network, Weatherscan, in the majority of its Middle America Cox properties.

The MSO said it will launch the network in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Weatherscan -- which is available to approximately 22 million cable subscribers nationwide -- is a customized 24-hour, all-local-weather service designed to complement TWC’s national network.

“These systems are outside of Cox's heavily populated large clusters and DMAs, but they will receive the same opportunities for co-branding, customized content and local-ad-sales revenues that we provide to our Weatherscan affiliates in major markets such as Chicago; Atlanta; Portland, Ore.; Boston; and Philadelphia,” TWC Networks president Patrick Scott said in a prepared statement.

“Our unique IntelliStar technology allows us to provide truly localized weather in very pinpointed places throughout the country,” he added. “Enabling cable systems to provide this service, no matter how small their communities, is central to our commitment to present vital weather information cable viewers can depend on, no matter where they live.”