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Court TV skeds teen's murder trial

Court TV will cover the Palm Beach County trial of 14-year-old Nathaniel Brazill, as he faces charges next week that he shot and killed a teacher at his middle school last spring.

Court TV reporter Beth Karas will report live from outside the Palm Beach County, Fl. courthouse where opening statements are expected to begin on Tuesday, May 1st.

Along with live daytime trial coverage, Court TV's Catherine Crier Live will cover the Brazill trial and the surrounding issue of school violence. will also have a reporter in the courtroom to provide background information on the case, including photos, chats, video and key documents.

Brazill was 13 years old when he allegedly shot and killed Barry Grunow, a 35-year-old English teacher at Lake Fort Worth Community Middle School in Lake Worth, Fl. after being sent home early for throwing water balloons. - Richard Tedesco