Court TV Details truTV Rebranding Strategy

Court TV will kick off its campaign to promote its new name and tagline, “truTV: Not Reality, Actuality,” this Thursday, officials said Monday.

The rebranding of Court TV,slated for Jan. 1, will also feature a growing list of original series that are designed to target an audience of viewers who want first-person access to exciting, real-life stories.

Court TV is trying to position itself as the destination for programming with real situations, real stakes and real people in primetime, while continuing to air trial coverage every weekday.

The network also unveiled plans for two new series: Sky Racers, which puts viewers inside the cockpit with Desiree Horton, a female news pilot; and One False Move, which follows people whose jobs and adventures take them to the brink of disaster.

The programming day on the former Court TV will begin, as it does now, with trial coverage at 9 a.m. This portion of the day will continue through 3 p.m. and won’t be rated by Nielsen Media Research.  At 3 p.m., programming will shift from trials to truTV’s Star Jones.  During the afternoon and primetime hours, truTV will feature engaging, real-life original series, the success of which will be measured through Nielsen ratings.