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Court TV Back on Dish Network

After nearly a month and a half of stalled negotiations, Court TV is back on EchoStar's Dish satellite network.The channel has been dark on Dish since 12:01 a.m. Jan. 1, when it was yanked from EchoStar’s system amid failed contract talks.

Turner-owned Court TV will now resume its former channel position 204 - part of Dish Network's AT200 package. Specific terms of the deal were not disclosed, although a statement from Turner said both sides were “pleased” with the arrangement.

Turner had said EchoStar was unwilling to pay a fair rate for its network and suggested Court TV viewers switch to Dish competitor DirecTV or cable to continue receiving the channel. EchoStar at the time said that it was looking out for the best interests of its customers and that Turner was seeking too much for CourtTV.

Court TV is owned by Time Warner, whose cable offering competes with Dish.