Coscia departs KDKA amid discord

Joe Coscia, who had been recruited by the upper ranks of CBS station management to be news director at Pittsburgh's KDKA-TV, lost his job Wednesday after only five months amid apparent discord between him and general manager
Gary Cozen.

Coscia would only confirm that he had left the station, and said that the terms of his departure were the subject of private discussions. Cozen could not be reached.

KDKA had a disappointing February sweeps, but station insiders said that was not likely a factor in Coscia's departure - which admirers of Coscia described as "ugly" and demoralizing. According to sources, Coscia left at night and was not able to say goodbye to his staff.

Station sources said Coscia was extremely well liked by his staff, but that it was no secret he and Cozen had clashed over the direction of the newsroom.

Newsroom operations were to be handled, at least for the time being, by Mike Machi and Ann Linaberger. Machi had been assistant news director prior to Coscia's arrival, and was reinstated following his exit. - Dan Trigoboff