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Consolidation/Smut Connection Asserted

The Center for Creative Voices in Media's Executive Director Jonathan Rintels and FCC Commissioner Michael Copps are getting together Sept. 8 at the Press Club in Washington to unveil a report the center says  "offers compelling evidence of a link between media consolidation and indecency."

Given that assertion, the question mark in the report's title "Ownership Concentration and Indecency in Broadcasting: Is there a Link?" seems unnecessary.

Copps, media scholars and watchdog groups will "explore [the] connection" at the Thursday press conference.

The FCC is preparing to consider how to rewrite its deregulatory media ownership rules to please a Philadelphia appeals court that said the commission had not sufficiently justified them. It is also faced with petitions to reconsider its decisions that the F-word and the revelation of Janet Jackson's partially-obscured breast are indecent.