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Consolidated Flips 1-Gig in Houston

Applying some speed pressure on AT&T and Comcast, Consolidated Communications has launched a 1 Gbps residential broadband service in the Houston area, a follow-up to its first 1-Gig launch in Kansas City in late 2014.

CCI said its fiber-fed symmetrical 1-Gig service is available to qualified homes for $69.95 per month, when customers agree to a two-year contract. However, CCI isn’t saddling the service with construction or installation fees.

“Our continued rollout of 1 gigabit service across our markets demonstrates our commitment to meeting our customers’ expectations today, tomorrow and into the future,” said Rob Koester, CCI’s VP of consumer product marketing. “We have the network, expertise and people based in the Houston-area to deliver the fastest, most reliable, high quality service.” 

CCI is launching service in the Houston area as speed competition heats up. AT&T launched its fiber-based “GigaPower” service to parts of Houston in April, offering it for $110 per month to customers who agree to participate in the AT&T Internet Preferences targeted ad program.

Comcast has also identified Houston as a market that will soon get Gigabit Pro, an uncapped, fiber-based, symmetrical 2 Gbps service that will be available to homes within close proximity (about 1/3 of a mile) of the MSO's fiber network. Comcast said it expects to launch Gigabit Pro in Houston sometime this summer, but has not yet announced pricing.