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Conexant to Support ‘PCI Express’

Conexant Systems Inc. said Tuesday that it will incorporate support for "PCI Express" technology into its video-decoder-product portfolio.

Special-interest group PCI-SIG developed PCI Express to address the need for increased internal-system bandwidth in PCs, set-top boxes and other consumer devices.

PCI Express provides manufacturers with a backward-compatible, industry-standard solution that emphasizes performance, cost, scalability, feature extensibility and quality of service, as well as allowing the simultaneous receipt and display of high-quality visual images from multiple digital- and analog-broadcast sources.

"We have chosen to support this evolutionary technology because it … helps to ensure that consumers will experience consistent quality levels for visually demanding information and entertainment applications such as personal-video recording, video editing and archiving," Conexant vice president of convergence video products Greg Fischer said in a prepared statement.