comScore Boots Up Multi-Platform Video Measurement

Opening a window to multiscreen usage trends, comScore has launched Video Metrix Multi-Platform, a syndicated product that, it claims, can provided the unduplicated measurement of video viewing across PCs and laptops, smartphones, tablets and a growing variety of OTT devices.

comScore’s new product, launched Tuesday for the U.S., targets content owners, media agencies and advertisers. Billed as an “evolution” of the company’s Video Metrix digital video measurement platform and a component of its overarching Total Video Initiative, the new multi-platform approach will enable clients to sell, plan and buy digital video “using TV-comparable metrics for both video content and advertising,” comScore said. 

comScore’s announcement, made as companies such as Rentrak and Nielsen are looking to provide a detailed look at multiscreen viewing, included support from three digital video service companies -- Hulu, Crackle and PBS Digital.

“As content continues to flow across an increasing number of screens, content owners and advertisers need a consistent, trusted way to transact in a platform-agnostic world,” said Serge Matta, CEO of comScore, in a statement.  “The introduction of Video Metrix Multi-Platform is another milestone in our long history of digital video measurement innovation.”

"With our many distribution platform partners, Hulu users create hundreds of ways to watch Hulu. Hulu has always followed our users wherever they go – we need the measurement community to follow them too,” Peter Naylor, SVP of advertising sales at Hulu, added.

“With content flowing across screens, a new approach to video measurement was needed to better understand how and where video is being viewed – especially on OTT,” Eric Berger, EVP digital networks, Sony Pictures Television, and the GM of Crackle, said.