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Comporium, AirTies Team on Whole-Home WiFi

Comporium has hooked up with AirTies to bring a whole-home WiFi offering to customers in the Carolinas that matches the Air 4920, a mesh WiFi extender, and AirTies’s management software.

A premium, subscription product, Comporium is offering a two-device kit for $9.99 per month to new customers or existing ones that upgrade to a higher-speed internet service tier. Comporium will also use Remote View, a cloud-based platform from AirTies that monitors in-home WiFi performance and uses that data to help to optimize connectivity.

The Air 4920 is a 3x3 802.11ac and 2x2 802.11n dual-band concurrent access point.

The deal expands AirTies’s agreements with cable operators and other service providers that have added whole-home WiFi services to their arsenals. Other announced partners include Atlantic Broadband, AT&T, Frontier, Midco, Singtel, Sky, Swisscom, and Vodafone.

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The trend has also opened up opportunities for other suppliers focused on whole-home WiFi gear and software, including eero, Arris and Plume, which has teamed with Comcast on the deployment of WiFi “pods” that aim to extend the reach of WiFi signals to all corners of the home.

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In other new Comporium news, NCTI has teamed with the Comporium Security, Monitoring and Automation (SMA) unit on a new online training course for SMA technicians.

Comporium SMA, which provided turnkey security, home automation and energy management services to the cable industry, and NCTI will make the course available to current and prospective Comporium SMA Solutions customers beginning in early-to-mid February.

The course, Home Security Technician, is currently comprised of three lessons, with two more to be added. NCTI estimates that most students will finish the course within four or five hours.  Upon successful completion, students will receive an NCTI certificate of achievement.