Complete Access Backs Charter Rewards

Charter Communications Inc. used Complete Access’ stored-value card technology to launch its “Charter Rewards” direct customer-loyalty campaign in its system in Reno, Nev.

Under Charter Rewards, subscribers were mailed Charter-branded magnetic-stripe cards loaded every month with $500 worth of credit redeemable at more than 100 local, regional and national businesses in the Reno area, including restaurants and retailers.

The value contained on each card is subsidized by Complete Access' network of merchants, which use the Charter Rewards card as a pay-on-performance advertising vehicle, the vendor said.

“Loyalty is so difficult to elicit, but our card basically gives Charter's customers a tangible reason to stay with Charter each and every month," Complete Access cofounder and CEO Kirk Nagamine said in a prepared statement.

"The card really becomes a part of customers' everyday lives and engenders them to the brand on a regular basis,” he added. “We like to present our card and our program as a 'win-win-win' proposition for everybody -- Charter, its subscribers and the merchants."