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A Compilation Of Quotes From Various Corners of the Industry

“Now that Gov. Jon Corzine has signed the law to allow statewide cable franchising, effectively opening the cable market to Verizon, we urge Verizon to not just offer its cable service in certain municipalities. All New Jerseyans, in communities rich and poor, urban and rural, deserve to have choice in buying cable television service.”

— Editorial in the Aug. 8 issue of the Cherry Hill, N.J., Courier-Post

Adelphia was such a disaster from a service point of view that anything would be better. And my sense is Time Warner has some good service records.”

— Jonathan Taplin, professor of the USC Annenberg School for Communication, commenting on Time Warner Cable taking over Adelphia’s operations in Southern California.

“No one likes to spend money, but this beats the three to five channels I had growing up.”

— Linda Martin, Vacaville, Calif. resident in a letter to the editor in the Aug. 21 issue of the Vacaville Reporter

“Former satellite customers are great cable customers; over 40% buy the full three-product bundle. We’re retaining and winning back the best video customers in the marketplace with bundled services that are individually compelling and a good value. In markets where we’ve offered the three-product bundle the longest, more than 70% of our customers choose two or more services and approximately 40% take all three - video, Internet and telephone.”

— Cox Communications CEO Pat Esser to analysts talking about the company’s recent second-quarter results.