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Common Sense Networks Launches Free Kids-Targeted Streaming Service

Digital media service Common Sense Networks has launched a preview of its new free streaming service targeted to young children.

The Sensical service will feature more than 15,000 videos targeted to preschoolers 2 years of age through kids 10 years old, according to Common Sense Networks CEO Eric Berger. 

The ad-supported service is currently offered on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, according to Sensical.

The Sensical platform allows kids to access content based on three age groups: preschoolers (ages 2-4), little kids (ages 5-7) and big kids (8-10), according to network officials. Along with content, the Sensical app also features a ParentZone dashboard tool to help parents manage viewing activity, as well as a Learning Report, which focuses on the long-term benefits associated with the content their children are watching, said the company.

“We built a service from the ground up, rooted in science, supported by experts in the field and designed to reflect how kids stream today,” said Berger, who previously served as Chief Digital Officer for Sony Pictures Television. “Our lens is unique because, unlike many existing services, our offering is specifically for kids - mirroring our thesis that age-appropriateness matters and that kids learn best when they’re exploring their passions.”