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Commercial Ratings Commission to Meet

Executives from across the cable, broadcast and agency communities are slated to gather at Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau headquarters in New York next week to discuss the establishment of standards for Nielsen Media Research’s commercial-minutes ratings.

The Commercial Ratings Commission is tentatively scheduled to meet June 11, according to CAB spokesman Chris Jones. He said the CRC is not designed to address how different networks perform with commercial-ratings averages vis-à-vis the traditional program-ratings data that have been the metric used over the decades to buy and sell TV commercials.

Rather, the group wants to share information about how software systems are handling the new data and design systems and processes aimed at standardizing commercial minutes as a measurement tool.

Among those scheduled to attend are top executives from the CAB, A&E Television Networks, Discovery Communications, Comcast, ABC, NBC, Fox, advertising agencies and Dononvan Data Systems, the leading supplier of data-processing and information-management services to the advertising industry.