Comedy Central And CTV Strike Content Deal

Comedy Central and the Canadian broadcast network CTV have signed a comprehensive content agreement. The deal gives CTV access to all Comedy Central programming, including The Daily Show, Colbert Report, South Park, Sarah Silverman Program and soon to be released American Body Shop. CTV will also have access to the complete back catalog of Comedy Central programs.

 As part of the deal all Canadian visitors to any of Comedy Central’s online assets, such as and, will be redirected to CTV owned All broadband content created for Comedy Central’s websites, including show clips, ring tones, wallpapers and web shows, will be made available where cleared for CTV’s web assets. 

"This deal builds on a longstanding and great relationship between two of the preeminent comedy networks and expands our association with CTV into the digital landscape, maximizing the value of our distinctive content and making the Comedy Central brand available to our northern neighbors anywhere and everywhere they want it," said Michele Ganeless, executive VP and GM of Comedy Central.

The deal also includes programming for Video-on-Demand and mobile platforms.