Comcast's ThePlatform Hooks Into Transcoding Systems

ThePlatform, Comcast’s video publishing subsidiary, has integrated workflow features of its MPX system with several transcoding and file-management partners with the goal of making it faster and easier to create and distribute video in multiple formats for different devices.

With the new workflow capabilities, customers can now create multiple files from one source file in real time and set up new publishing profiles themselves. The company’s workflow capabilities are currently integrated with Elemental Technologies and Harmonic transcoding systems; Aspera’s file transfer service; and Akamai Technologies’ Sola Media Solutions HTTP ingest technology.

“We could not take advantage of these transcoding engines before,” said Marty Roberts, thePlatform’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. Before, “it was literally one file in and one file out, so if you had six different bit rates you had six different workflows.”

ThePlatform is developing support for other transcoding systems, including those from Telestream, Envivio and RGB Networks, according to Roberts. About 40% of thePlatform’s customers use its transcoding cloud capabilities, he added.

With MPX’s new integration features, if one file fails only that individual file is transcoded again. In addition, the system can automatically analyze the number of files that have been (or need to be) generated for all formats or devices in order to eliminate duplications and reduce the number of managed files.