Comcast's Engdahl Hired as CEO at ADS

Advanced Digital Services has hired Thomas Engdahl as CEO.

ADS, one of the nation's top providers of film restoration and conversion, made the move as it continues its aggressive expansion and leadership initiatives in digital media -- helping studios, stations and producers develop more efficient ways to manage, transmit, and archived media content, a spokesman said.

ADS described Engdahl as a pioneer and early day entrepreneur of technologies ranging from telecommunications and cable to Internet-based content and video delivery.

Before joining ADS, he was senior VP of the Radiance Division of Comcast. Comcast Media Center acquired Radiance Technologies in 2008, where Engdahl was CEO.

Prior to that, he was CEO of Alopa Networks Inc., a supplier of software and management systems to the cable television industry acquired by C-COR in 2005.

He also was CEO of Avasta, a software outsourcing service company acquired by Navisite in 2003. He was CEO of Alloptic, maker of fiber optic components and terminal equipment; Kasenna, a developer of rich media software infrastructure for broadband Internet which he founded; and Pathfire, a transport video media company, which he also founded.

Two other companies he founded are Digital Video in 1994 and Applied Digital Access (ADAX) in 1987.
He also held key positions at companies such as M/A-Com Linkabit, Northern Telecom, DSC Communications, and Pacific Bell. He holds six patents for telecommunications and video-cable products and has been active in setting standards in the telecom industry since 1984.

"As a provider of services to major media and production companies, ADS is known for its operational excellence and outstanding customer service," chairman Andy McIntyre said in a release. "That's a tribute to the talent, vision and motivation of our staff, who have helped move ADS from a regional provider to a national leader in both traditional and new media. But the media industry is evolving rapidly, and so are we. That's why I'm delighted to welcome Tom Engdahl as our guide in seizing the many opportunities in front of us."

"This is an exciting time to join ADS," Engdahl said. "ADS has an unparalleled reputation for customer satisfaction, driven by the simple principle of delivering on our promises. With opportunities for innovation at an all-time high, we recognize that innovation is a key to our continued growth and industry leadership."