'Comcast Town' Ad Inspires 'Positively Cable' Parody

'Comcast Town' Ad Inspires 'Positively Cable' Parody
The June 16 edition of "Positively Cable," the Denver Cable Positive chapter's annual musical fundraiser, will break new ground: one of the song parodies will be of a Comcast commercial.
It's the catchy computer-animated "Future Hopping" ad, the one that goes from person to person in "Comcast Town" doing broadband stuff - it starts with the lyrics "New sensation sending shivers, flying further dreaming bigger ..." (Catch it on Comcasttown.com.)
Time Warner Cable's Paul Braun adapted it into a riff on how the cable-TV business has changed. It starts out thusly:
"Broadband in a state of rigor, seems we all have lost our vigor, not the future we envisioned, working cable television.
"What we do don't seem to matter, as we offer high speed data, business plans just seem to splatter as they turn to fecal matter.
"We may smile at digi phone, most the time we moan and groan, all those fat years, should have known someday we'd live in zombie zone.
"Loved the fast times days of yore, boondoogle trips and swag galore, wining, dining, silver lining, now it's more like crying, whining.
"Crystal pictures on TV screen, wished it pumped more of the green, once a mean cash flow machine, now stock price plays submarine ... ."
Positively Cable, usually in the fall, shifted to spring because of the crowded fall schedule of events in Denver this year (CTAM Summit et al). That left less time than usual to plan, write, etc. But longtime organizer Jane Shanley said the new venue, The Comedy Works South in the Denver Tech Center, is fabulous.
For more about the Time Warner Cable-presented event, see the Denver chapter section at Cablepositive.org.

Kent Gibbons

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