Comcast Tops Netflix ‘ISP Speed Index’ for December

Comcast, for the first time, was the top performing major U.S. ISP during December 2016, according to Netflix’s latest ISP Speed Index.

Comcast obtained those bragging rights (there  isn’t much of a discernable difference among the top 10 ISPs that are ranked), generating an average Netflix streaming speed during prime time hours of 3.84 Mbps, up from 3.67 Mbps in November 2016. Coincidentally, Comcast, which has a paid interconnection deal with the OTT-SVOD provider, recently integrated Netflix on its X1 platform.

Comcast’s December numbers were good enough to pull ahead of Verizon Fios (3.81 Mbps), Optimum/Altice USA/former Cablevision Systems (3.80), and Bright House (3.78 Mbps), which dropped three spots and is now part of Charter Communications. The bottom three among major U.S. ISPs were CenturyLink (2.79 Mbps), Windstream (2.70 Mbps) and Verizon-DSL (2.60 Mbps).

Comcast also was tops with smaller U.S. ISPs factored into Netflix’s rankings, staying a small step ahead of WideOpen West  and Grande Communications (3.82 Mbps).

In Canada, Videotron remained the top performing major ISP in that country when viewed through Netflix’s lens, delivering an average of 3.62 Mbps, enough to outpace Shaw Communications (3.55 Mbps) and Rogers Communications (3.54 Mbps).