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Comcast Tests Pricing For 105-Mbps Tier

How much would you pay for one of the zippiest residential broadband services in America?

Comcast is looking to answer that question, quietly testing out different price points for its Extreme 105 package, which offers 105 Megabits per second downloads.

In markets where Extreme 105 is available, Comcast is offering a 12-month promotional price of $105 per month, when bundled with cable TV. The company is also testing higher- and lower-priced offers with different configurations in various markets, although a company rep declined to specify those.

As of the end of September, Comcast was offering 105 Mbps to more than 25 million homes in markets where the operator has launched Xfinity branding. But for now the MSO is not actively marketing the higher-speed tier, which offers 10 Mbps upstream. The operator's 50 Mbps service is available to more than 40 million homes.

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