Comcast Spotlight Shines on ‘Adtag,’ ‘Adcopy’

Comcast Spotlight expects to complete the rollout of advertising-segmentation tools "Adtag" and "Adcopy" in the Philadelphia; San Francisco; Boston; Washington, D.C.; Dallas; and Atlanta markets by month’s end.

Coupled with existing deployments of the tools in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Detroit, the advertising-sales division of Comcast Corp. will thus enable advertisers to utilize these targeting mechanisms to some 12.5 million cable subscribers in the top 10 DMAs.

Comcast officials said Adcopy and Adtag will enhance "IntelliSpot" software, which will allow advertisers to easily tailor their spots to certain viewer segments, rather than to a mass audience.

Through the IntelliSpot tool kit, commercials are designed as individual media elements -- video, audio, text and graphics -- with customization rules attached. The ads are then reassembled into a variety of unique executions at or near the point of delivery.

Advertisers can vary the elements and create ads with messages that are directly relevant to programming or geographic subsections within a market.