Comcast’s X1 Speaks a New Language

In line with National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) and amid the growth of bicultural homes in the U.S. where Spanish is the predominant spoken language, Comcast said it has launched X1 En Espanol, complementing the original English version of its cloud-based video service interface. 

X1 subs can enable the new version by going to the guide Settings menu, selecting "Language," and then choosing the Spanish option. 

“This new experience lets our Latino customers find and discover their favorite programming in the language of their choice and helps bridge the content divide for millions of Spanish-speaking households within the Comcast service area,” Javier Garcia, Comcast’s vice president and general manager of multicultural services, said in this blog post about the launch. "We are constantly developing products and services that change the way people consume entertainment and communicate, and encourage our Latino customers to get in on the action today by accessing the programming of their choice, wherever and whenever they want, in whichever language they prefer."

He added that the voice remote for X1 will “soon” be updated to recognize commands spoken in Spanish, and that X1 has added new features and filters within the guide, including one-touch access to turn on/off the SAP feed via the video toolbar to help viewers more easily discover Spanish-language and SAP-enabled content available on Xfinity On Demand.

Comcast, he said, is also getting close to offering an updated version of its X1 Sports app that will be optimized for soccer. Comcast recently booted up updates for the app, which provides on-screen game-related stats and graphics, for the college and NFL football seasons.

Comcast hasn’t announced how many subscribers are on X1, but it’s been shipping about 30,000 X1 boxes per day.