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Comcast Runs Troop Greetings On-Demand

Comcast teamed up with its regional network, CN8, The Comcast Network, to obtain holiday greetings from U.S. troops worldwide to be distributed through its on-demand platform, available to digital-cable subscribers.

The company said it secured hundreds of videotapes from the Army/Air Force Hometown News Service, which were edited for the VOD platform. About 370 messages are available through Comcast’s Eastern Division, which stretches from New York through Virginia.

To ensure that family members of service personnel seen in the greetings are able to view the messages, Comcast said it will offer free digital service upgrades for those families “for the duration of the Troop Greetings On Demand program.” That means the families will get free digital cable until Jan. 22, the last day the troop greetings will be carried on the on-demand platform.