Comcast Sets New Regional Structure

With its $67-billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable just months away from a hoped-for regulatory approval, Comcast said it would reorganize its regional operational structure, segmenting its three core regions – Northeast, Central and West – into focused sub-sections to support its post-merger operating footprint. Kevin Casey, Bill Connors and Steve White are at the heads of the respective divisions.

In an internal announcement, Comcast EVP and chief operating officer Dave Watson said that as the company continues to prepare for the TWC closing, the spin-off of customers to GreatLand Connections and the swap and sale of customers with Charter Communications, it has also focused on its field structure and leadership teams. He added that any changes will be contingent on the closing of the TWC merger, which is expected to occur early this year.

Here's how the new structure will shake out, according to the internal announcement:

Northeast Division Reporting to Kevin Casey:

·         The Beltway Region will add a small number of systems in Maryland and Virginia from Charter and will continue to be led by Tom Coughlin

·         The Freedom Region – excluding North Jersey – will combine with Keystone East and will be led by Jim Samaha

·         The New York City Region will be formed by combining TWC systems in New York City and New Jersey with legacy North Jersey systems from the Freedom Region.  Steve Hackley will lead this Region which will be headquartered in Manhattan.

·         Keystone West will join TWC systems in Buffalo and Rochester, New York to form a new Allegheny Region.  This Region will be led by TWC’s Christine Whitaker and headquartered in Pittsburgh. 

·         The Greater Boston Region will be renamed the New England Region and will add TWC and Charter systems in eastern Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.  The Region will be led by LeAnn Talbot.  

·         The Hudson Valley Region will combine the former Western New England Region with TWC and Charter systems in Albany, Binghamton, Burlington-Plattsburgh and Syracuse, New York and Connecticut. The Region will be led by Mary McLaughlin

Central Division Reporting to Bill Connors:

·         The Florida Region will continue to be led by Amy Smith.

·         The Chicago Region will continue to be led by John Crowley.

·         The Big South Region has already added Little Rock, Arkansas, from the Heartland Region, and will add Charter systems in Atlanta and Macon, Georgia, as well as TWC and Charter markets in Tennessee, including Nashville, Jackson, Memphis and Knoxville.  The Region will continue to be led by Doug Guthrie

·         A new Carolinas Region will be led by Tim Collins and will be headquartered in Charlotte. It will combine Comcast, TWC and Charter systems in North and South Carolina, including Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Greenville and Greensboro. Comcast’s Western Virginia and Savannah, Georgia systems will also become part of this Region. 

West Division Reporting to Steve White:

·         The Oregon/SW Washington Region will add Charter systems in Eugene, Ore., and will continue to be led by Rodrigo Lopez.

·         The Washington Region will add TWC and Charter systems in Spokane, Seattle and Yakima, Wash., and will continue to be led by Len Rozek.

·         The Texas Region will be created, combining our Houston Region with TWC and Charter systems in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and South Texas.  Led by Kyle McSlarrow, the region will be headquartered in Dallas.   

·         The Mile High and Mountain Regions will combine and be called the Mile High Region, led by Rich Jennings. It will add Independence, Mo., from the Twin Cities Region, along with TWC systems in Kansas City, Mo.; Kansas City, Kansas; Omaha and Lincoln, Neb.; and El Paso-Las Cruces, Texas.

·         The California Region will add TWC and Charter systems in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego and Santa Barbara, California, as well as Yuma, Ariz., and will continue to be led by Hank Fore. With the addition of Southern California, we will create a Sub-Region that includes Los Angeles and will be led by Ralph Martinez, our current RSVP for Houston.

·         A new Hawaii Region will be created with TWC systems in Hawaii. It will be led by TWC’s Gregg Fujimoto.