Comcast Rebrands Xcalibur as X1 Platform

On the heels of its strong fourth quarter results, Comcast said it will expand the rollout of its Xcalibur suite of services, rebranding the product the X1 Platform.

On a conference call with analysts to discuss fourth quarter results, Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts said the MSO will rollout X1 to "hundreds of thousands" of homes in 2012.

Roberts first unveiled Xcalibur at The Cable Show in Chicago last June, including a robust interactive programming guide, ultra-high-speed data services and utilizing cloud computing to deliver and upgrade products services.

"X1 is a beginning of a new way of communicating with the television device that is coming from the cloud not solely from the box," Roberts said on the call, adding that the service will be available in multiple markets this year.

Roberts said Xcalibur will unlock the innovation mechanism, allowing more products and services to reside on servers in the cloud, allowing the company to make a wide array of products and services to consumers quickly.

"Another part of the strategy that this accomplishes is the beginning of allowing us to get on other devices," he continued. "We're very cognizant of the exciting changes in the consumer electronics space and we want to position our company to take advantage of innovation, not trying to fight it."