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Comcast Puts Techs on Bikes for Papal Visit

Comcast has come up with a very non-technical way to ensure that its technicians can handle service emergencies during Pope Francis’s visit in Philadelphia.

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, 24 will go by bicycle to deal with any issues that come up in the city’s “traffic box,” an area where cars are prohibited until Monday, but bikes and pedestrian traffic will be allowed.  

The paper noted that Comcast’s Philadelphia customers were told that the MSO wouldn’t make any installations or in-service calls during the papal visit, but the 24/7 bike brigade will be around in case of any unexpected service problems. Those techs will be able to get equipment from service vans that Comcast has planted in the no driving zone.

"This event is kind of unprecedented," Miles Pellegrini, vice president of operations for Comcast Freedom Region, told the paper. "We’re not strangers to projects and events of this magnitude but this is a unique situation in Philadelphia. We’ve pulled from a lot of different experiences, like the Super Bowl or storm events."