Comcast-NBC Universal: Complete Coverage

Comcast Corp.'s deal with General Electric to acquire a
controlling 51% stake in NBC Universal effectively transforms the multiple
system operator into a film and TV content powerhouse--and represents a seismic
shift in the TV landscape. From Wall Street and Washington
to Hollywood
and the local station business, B&C brings you full-spectrum news
and analysis.


Entertainment News Synergies Abound

Don't expect to see E! News host Ryan Seacrest filling in for Brian Williams on
the NBC Nightly News anytime soon. But Comcast's controlling interest in
General Electric's NBC Universal comes with opportunity for new synergies among
the companies' news and infotainment brands.

Left Coast Bias: 10 Things to
Watch About Comcast-NBCU

First came the deal, now comes the waiting. As the mega-merger between
Comcast and NBCU goes through its process, here are 10 things I'm wondering

Editorial: Let's Make a Deal
To paraphrase one of the zillion comments that followed the announcement of the Comcast-NBCU deal: The sky isn't falling.

Madison Ave.'s Wish List forComcast-NBCU
Speed up addressable advertising; fix the network

Copps Says Comcast-NBCUDeal Has 'Steep Climb'
FCC, Commissioner Michael Copps said the Comcast-NBCU deal proves wrong those
who have argued the era of media consolidation was a thing of the past.

NBCAffiliates Cautiously Pleased With New Network Parent
Hope Comcast can goose wheezing Peacock primetime

House Judiciary ToHold Hearings
Joins House Energy & Commerce Committee in holding hearings on the

Comcast Deal For NBCU Is AllAbout Cable
Comcast senior management told Wall Street analysts that their deal for NBCU is
about taking a bigger share of the recession-proof growth story that is cable

NBCAffiliates Cautiously Pleased With New Network Parent
Hope Comcast can goose wheezing Peacock primetime

Roberts Says Hulu,TV Everywhere Are Complimentary
On conference call, Zucker declines to comment on Hulu sub or pay model

ACA:Comcast/NBCU Conditions Are 'Band-Aid On Ax Wound'
Polka calls for broad government intervention to prevent price hikes, limited

Waxman Calls For Hearings OnComcast/NBCU
House Energy & Commerce Committee chairman wants hearings "at the
earliest practicable date."

Comcast-NBCU:Opposition Lines Up
Comcast outlines promises to make deal more palatable to regulators

Comcast,G.E. Announce Deal on NBCU
NBCU chief Jeff Zucker to lead new joint venture, reporting to Comcast COO
Steve Burke

Comcast'sCable Channels Worth $7 Billion, Say Comcast and GE
Comcast stock up 2% in advance of impending deal

Report: GE andVivendi Agree On Value Of NBCU Stake
Value Vivendi's 20% stake at $5.8 billion

ChesterAsks That Consumer Privacy Be Addressed in Any Comcast/NBCU Review
Center For Digital Democracy exec. director urges FTC, FCC to safeguard Net

Genachowski Mum on NBCU/Comcast
Chairman says he won't comment on potential "hurdles or concerns"

Gray TV Chief SaysComcast Might Be Good for NBC
Gray TV President/COO Robert Prather says network went "cheap" on

ANALYSIS:Comcast/NBCU May Create More M&A Activity
Wall Street eyes new conglom as potential buyer and seller

AComcast-Backed Telemundo Could Grow Hispanic TV Marketplace
Comcast's imminent deal to acquire a majority stake in NBC Universal may change
the balance of power in the Hispanic TV world and possibly give a boost to the
operator's efforts to sell its services to the Hispanic community.

ADVERSE: Comcast-NBCU: Oh, the Drama!
As we wait for word that the deal nearly everyone has pronounced inevitable has
indeed been done, let's take a moment to observe how much this M&A has
played out like a marriage plot in a novel or stage farce.


Vivendi: No Decision Yet on NBCUStake
Vivendi CFO Philippe Capron speaks out amid speculation that Comcast-G.E. deal
will be done by Nov. 23

FATES &FORTUNES: Zucker Looking Like a Lock to Head New Comcast-GE Venture
Reuters is reporting what we've been hearing for a while now: Comcast and GE
have agreed to keep NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker on as head of the two
companies' proposed joint venture.

Comcast Mum on NBCU in Q3Earnings Call
Comcast CEO Brian Roberts declines to "comment on rumors" as cable
programming unit posts 10% revenue pop

BC BEAT:Comcast/NBC U Domain DÃÆ'©jÃÆ'  vu
Since I noted the problem of website cyber-squatting as it relates to the NBC
Universal-Comcast acquisition two weeks ago, the deal has marched slowly
forward, while the name of the new venture remains a mystery.

OnScreenMedia Summit: Reif Cohen Likes Comcast-NBCU Deal
Bank of America-Merrill Lynch media analyst says potential deal could create
"incredible" value for cable giant

Time WarnerStock Gains; Comcast Falls Following NBCU News
TW investors' fears of a major acquisition allayed

ADVERSE: WallStreet blows Hot and Cold on Comcast/NBCU Tie-Up
Wall Street analysts spent yesterday chewing down on the news of a possible
Comcast deal for a 51% stake in a new NBC Universal entity. Here's our round-up
of those notes to investors from the most negative to the most positive

Comcast/GE DiscussingJoint NBC Universal Venture
The new company would be majority controlled by Comcast which would own a 51%
stake in NBC Universal versus General Electric's 49%


"Seattle Times' Disses Potential NBCU/ComcastMerger
In an editorial, the paper called it an arrangement "made for
mischief" and urged federal regulators to block it if the deal does indeed
get done.

InterestGroups Speak Out Against Impending Comcast/NBCU Meld
Media Access Project, Free Press among those opposed

Malone:Key to NBCU-Comcast Deal Is What Government, Affiliates Want
Liberty Media chairman says broadcast network model is broken, needs to be

Free PressLaunches Online Campaign To Block Comcast/NBCU
Says supporters of the deal do not understand the antitrust implications

AnalystsSay a Comcast/NBCU Deal Would Likely Pass Government Muster
Stifel Nicolaus advisory says potential Comcast/General Electric joint venture
would face close scrutiny from DOJ, FTC

Comcast/NBCU: D.C.Hurdles, But No Roadblocks
With Comcast and GE said to be in talk to to join forces in a new company
pooling GE's NBC Universal assets and controlled (51%) by Comcast, a long-form review
of the deal would have to take place at the FCC.