Comcast, Mediaocean Splash Out Advertising Accord

Comcast AdDelivery, a cloud-based platform that delivers spot TV ads via Comcast’s 100 Gbps backbone, has completed an integration deal with Mediaocean, an independent advertising technology company that processes more than $130 billion in annual advertising spend across its network of holding companies and agencies.

The resulting, cross-agency ad management solution, called Mediaocean Optica, integrates the Comcast AdDelivery system with Mediaocean Spectra, a management system for TV planners and buyers. They announced the agreement Sunday at the Association of National  Advertisers (ANA)  Advertising Financial Management Conference in Phoenix.

One primary aim of the deal is to funnel AdDelivery data into Mediaocean’s Spectra systems and automate formerly labor-intensive manual processes. That, the companies claimed, will “help bridge the divide” between TV media teams that are responsible for deciding which ads run on which stations and the creative and trafficking teams that create the ads and work with networks to ensure the ads meet the technical specifications of agencies and broadcasters.

Further down the line, they see the cross-agency partnership “laying a critical framework for targeted, optimized TV advertising.”

"As one of the country’s largest media companies engaged in national and local advertising sales, and a major advertiser, Comcast has a customer-driven focus on the solutions that it provides to advertisers and their agencies,” said Matt McConnell, SVP and GM of Comcast Wholesale, in a statement.” This solution combines our content management capabilities with Mediaocean’s vast experience and scope of advertising management services to provide a cost effective and efficient solution for ad delivery.”

Comcast said its AdDelivery system delivers TV spots electronically to 98% of all media destinations in the U.S., including local and national broadcast stations, national cable networks and syndicators. Mediaocean, meanwhile, said it has more than 80,000 users and conducts about 7 million transactions daily.