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Comcast Media Center Pushes HD To NCTC Members

Comcast Media Center, together with Motorola, is marketing a turnkey high-definition video transport service to smaller operators who are members of the National Cable Television Cooperative..

CMC and Motorola, which jointly operate the Quick Take Plus (QT+) platform, developed a launch kit outlining the process and documentation required to launch HD and provides all of the forms cable system operators need to customize their local HD launches.

NCTC members can request the launch kit through the association's Web site,, or from CMC or Motorola.

The HITS QT+ service from CMC and Motorola includes hardware, software, operating services and programming. The platform provides the capability to launch local HD broadcast channels along with up to 22 national HD channels (and nearly 70 standard-definition channels) available via the HITS Quantum programming service.

HD can generate an average increase in revenue of $8.00 per household per month according to market analysis conducted by Mike Jude, an analyst with Frost & Sullivan's Stratecast.