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Comcast Media Center Enhances HITS Monitoring

Comcast Media Center said it is now using its National Video Operations Center (NVOC) in Colorado to provide video transport and MPEG monitoring for customers of its HITS satellite video delivery services.

Using a proprietary, monitoring and control system, the NVOC's technicians monitor services from source acquisition to output distribution. The system allows remote device monitoring, redundancy control, alerting and dynamic video routing. In addition, the team uses tools to analyze MPEG transport streams to proactively identify problems, CMC said.

The new IP-based monitoring provides the ability to monitor an entire mux (statistical multiplex of multiple linear video channels) within seconds, according to CMC. The NVOC works in conjunction with CMC's National Video Distribution Operations center, also known as Titan Earth Station, to maintain signal integrity and service availability.

"The enhancements within the National Video Operations Center improve our ability to offer a proactive monitoring strategy that focuses on anticipating and preventing anomalies before they can impact the viewer's experience," NVOC director of operations Julio Cardiel said in a statement.

HITS representatives will be available at the 2012 Independent Show in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., this week to discuss the new NVOC and HITS cloud-based solutions.