Comcast: Let Us Be Your ‘Co-Pilot’

Comcast unveiled a new component in its ongoing effort to vastly improve customer care, a tool that lets customers show service reps exactly what their service problem is.

Called “Co-Pilot,” the tool is part of its X1 platform and is currently being trialed in about 1 million homes. In a nutshell, Co-Pilot allows a customer care rep or technician take control of a user’s screen – after receiving a verification code – and walks them through the process of solving the problem.

“Customers often call us with questions like, ‘how can I set up a DVR recording?’ With Co-Pilot, our tech support can see a customer’s screen and—after receiving an on-screen verification code from the customer—‘take the controls,’ walking them through the various features that come with their service,” said Comcast executive vice president, customer experience Charlie Herrin in a blog posting.

Comcast said that so far, most customer are using Co-Pilot to familiarize themselves with the X1 platform’s features and feedback has been good. The company expects to make Co-Pilot available to all X1 customers later this year.