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Comcast Begins Hiring for Spokane Customer Center

More than 1,100 people have applied for 750 jobs at Comcast’s newest customer care center in Spokane, Wash., one of three the company said it would create as part of its initiative to add 5,500 new care workers in the next three years.

The Spokane center is expected to be opened in the summer of 2016, and is one of three new state-of-the-art care centers the company is building – the other two are in Tucson, Ariz., and Albuquerque, N.M. Comcast said in a blog posting by senior vice president of customer service Tom Karinshak Wednesday that it will be opening an interim facility – more than 50,000 square-feet located in Spokane Valley – so it can start hiring and providing customer assistance immediately. Since announcing the plan in May, Comcast has announced more than 2,250 new jobs associated with the initiative.

Comcast held a job fair in Spokane Tuesday to kick off the hiring process, with about 200 people in attendance. Representatives from various local organizations also attended, including local veterans groups in support of Comcast’s pledge to hire 10,000 reservists, veterans and their spouses or domestic partners by the end of 2017.

In the blog posting, Karinshak said that Comcast has received 2,200 applications for the Albuquerque center and more than 1,200 in Tucson and has already started to hire some people.

“The new hires in all three of these centers will help us bring customers across the country the support they need – it’s an important step toward our goal of making call wait times shorter and helping customers get their service or billing issues resolved faster,” Karinshak said in the blog.

Comcast said it plans to hold additional hiring activities and opening celebrations for the Spokane center later in the summer. Interested applicants can apply here.