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Comcast Says Doorstep Theft of Packages Is a Big Problem, Claims it Has a Security Camera for That

Comcast says newly integrated features for its security cameras can help subscribers thwart a growing holiday season problem—packages from online retailers like Amazon that are stolen before they can get into the door of the buyer.

The operator said the new AI-based technology offers the ability for its cameras to filter motion-triggered activity by people or vehicles, zooming in on relevant activity and bookmarking it for later viewing

To highlight the need for its security product, Comcast commissioned a study by Wakefield Research that found that one in four people have reported a e-commerce package being stolen in transit. The figure rises to one in three for millennial age consumers, who use internet shopping services more and tend to populate multihousing situations more.

“Home security cameras, when integrated with our other Xfinity services, offer great peace of mind so our customers can check-in on their home from anywhere, anytime,” said Eric Schaefer, general manager and senior VP of Xfinity Services, in a statement. “We make it easy, for instance, for a parent to check their home camera in real time to make sure their child got off the bus or check to see if a package has arrived.”